Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mga malalaking tuklas sa agham sa taong 2011

Pakinggan ang 31-minutong podcast ng Science magazine kung saan binanggit ang mga malalaking tuklas sa agham at teknolohiya sa taong 2011. Ang mga tinatawag na "Breakthroughs of the Year, 2011" ay maaari ding makita dito at nakalista sa baba kalakip ang ilang maiikling paliwanag. Nawa'y maging makabuluhan ang mga tuklas na ito sa pagpapaunlad ng buhay ng sangkatauhan sa susunod at mga susunod pang taon.

  1. HIV Treatment as Prevention

  2. In May of this year, the 052 clinical trial conducted by the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) reported that antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) reduced the risk of heterosexual transmission by 96%.

  3. Asteroid Dust Solves Color Conundrum

  4. In the 26 August 2011 Science, six Reports, plus related news and commentary, discuss the mineralogy, petrography, chemistry, and noble gas and oxygen-isotope compositions of the Itokawa particles, which provide insights into the evolution of the solar system.

  5. Archaic Humans' DNA Lives On

  6. In September 2011, two papers suggested that early Homo sapiens interbred with now-extinct forms of humans in Africa, so that some living Africans carry genes from archaic people, just as all Europeans and Asians recently have been shown to do. The new data imply that there were at least three fruitful encounters between H. sapiens and archaic species.

Basahin ang iba pang breakthrough sa taong 2011


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