Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kung bakit namayani ang mga kapitalista sa Tsina, ayon kay Joan Hinton

Sa wakas, natapos ko ding basahin ang librong Silage Choppers. Maraming mga magagandang sinabi si Joan Hinton at si Sid Engst. Tungkol sa pamamayani ng mga tinatawag na "capitalist roaders", ito ang sinabi ni Joan:
The Cultural Revolution failed because of the ability of the capitalist roaders to whip up factionalism among the people. And in fact the people are so easily whipped into factionalism. It's the petitbourgeois ideology, which is so strong in all of us; our Achilles' heel. We can't join together to fight the main enemy, because of our own petitbourgeois tendency to become factional. To me, if we can't get over this, it's the one thing that's gonna keep ordinary people from ever being able to develop socialism...

In the US it's against the foreign born, it's whites against blacks and so on -- all done to divide the working people. The working people fall for it all the time, because we do not have proletarian ideology. We don't think that the working people are one family; we just look at somebody from the other village and think "they're not our village..." There's no reason on earth for them to hate each other. All working people get their living from working.


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