Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mga New Year's Resolution sa paligid

Minimal selfies, more landscapes, and most importantly, lots of authentic life moments that don't require validation from photographs.
Ngayong 2016, nawa'y bawat isa sa atin ay magiging matatag sa pagharap sa mga hamon ng buhay. Alam nating lahat kung gaano kahirap ang maging Pilipino sa ilalim ng isang gobyernong walang malasakit sa kanyang mamamayan, sa isang gobyernong ipinapairal ang sistemang naglilingkod lang sa iilan at sa mga dayuhan at dambuhalang korporasyon. Ngayong 2016 ay patuloy tayong haharap sa isang hamon na isulong ang pagbabago sa bayan, hindi lamang sa pamamagitan ng eleksyon kundi higit sa lahat ay ang ating aktibong pakikilahok sa pagpapanday ng isang lipunang tunay na malaya, makatao, makatarungan, at payapa. Kaya laban lang! Be happy and be vigilant sa 2016!

Maging mulat sa mga isyung panlipunan. Magmulat, mag-organisa at kumilos! Tuloy ang laban! Padayon! Madasigong bag-ong tuig! Cheers for 2016!!!
Down with conservative targets!
Up with maximum targets!

1. Identify with glorious victories before they even happen. Feel it, own it, maximize the power of visualization, and take pictures along the way.
2. Be more sociable, appreciate and love people based on their maximum potential. This entails good judgement and a mindful soundtrack: "I'll be judging you eternally..." Waiting for people's dramatic (and sometimes boring) unfolding is a waste of accumulated time and rice (as I get most of my energy from consumption of the latter).
4. Be optimistic, think positively only when I have significantly created conditions for fruitful outcomes. Otherwise, engage in self-criticism & self-loathing, and more importantly, be remorseful and wallow in regret for a maximum of 15 minutes. And then run after what can be saved, quick!
Fifteen years ago, I was lying on a hammock with trees silently guarding over us. In a few minutes, 1999 would give way to the 21st century.

We were deep in the village, far away from the town. At midnight, I half rose from my hammock and saw lights blazing in the distance, although the fireworks sounded weak from my place. No one from my kasamas that particular midnight was astir to greet the new millenium. The next day, we all left our place where we stayed for the night, to go to another village not really to partake of the sweet sticky rice that was served in several huts we went to, but more to share with the peasants on the challenges that the new millenium would pose to the people of the world, and of the continuing struggle against the three basic problems confronting them.

Last I heard, these peasant masses in that village, along with other peasants in other areas in the town, would not buckle down in spite of the terrible killings perpetrated against their leaders and organizers, and would be faithful to their commitment to challenge the system that has mired them in spiraling poverty.

We are going forward in this millenium of the 21st Century. Let our commitment be - that we do not grow weary and that we carry on the revolutionary optimisn in spite of the many twists and turns of this epochal struggle for liberation and social justice.
Ang new year's resolution ko pala para sa 2016 is.... WALA. Ok naman ulit ako. Siguro continue ko na lang 'yung mga ginawa ko this year which is pawang mga kabutihan naman lahat. Kayo na lang siguro 'yung mag-adjust. Para kasing shaky 'yung mga ugali n'yo this year 'eh. WOW.


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