Thursday, June 11, 2009

My first successful bike experience

My first successful bike experience consists of one-hour of
  1. difficulty starting the bike,
  2. difficulty finding the pedal with my feet instead of my eyes,
  3. a threat of rain shower,
  4. being laughed at by passersby who readily cheered me up whenever I smiled at them
  5. success in starting and pedaling for 5 meters or so,
  6. difficulty in avoiding the waterfull sidewalk,
  7. bumping into two or three parked cars (luckily they didn't sound nor were scratched nor the owners were watching),
  8. being coached by Rohani who, I noticed from afar after several few meters of stop and go, was not always watching but never forgot to wave her hand perhaps to cheer me up when I successfully struggled to pedal for 4 or so meters before turning sharply and fall,
  9. a dirtladen khaki Zara pants (my precioussssss...),
  10. two very minor bruises, one for each leg,
  11. becoming a celebrity when teenagers on top of a building begun to applause for my successful strides,
  12. pedaling upwards to a sidewalk, going back to the road, and successfully regaining the pace without falling,
  13. riding on the heavier and bigger bike of Nichola,
  14. and successfully making it straight to few tens of meters involving three corners as shown in the map below.
I must admit though that I still wiggled a lot in those successful bike rides so the blue lines in the map are actually curved, not straight. And I still have to stop smoothly. Rohani's bike is light enough so I can manage to fall (when I want to stop) without much effort.

It feels great to have done such a feat, but please don't tell that to kids here.

UPDATE 2012Sep7: Nakakahiya ang English ko sa itaas!


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