Sunday, May 26, 2002

Stories from my Martian friend

the never-ending intelligence(?) report
i was having my usual overnyts when one of my close friends send me a txt message, asking me to be with her ryt away. i was shocked to see her in panic. kulang na lang musolod sa ilalom sa katre. y? a txt message had been circulated about the MILF attacking the city at 2 am. with all the assuring words and the eyebags, the MIs remain as ghosts until now. nagwoder lang ko, with all the eyebags, how much work had been sucrificed the next day... ( pastilan, samot kalate ako assignments. :) ).

sosyal na pobre?
at gaisano iligan, two students (obviously, IITians) were standing infront of the mineral water section. they wre fighting over whether to buy a mineral water and just skip a meal, or not.

"Unsaon man daw nimu pagkaon beh kung wala kay mineral water? tangent!", said one student. its the budget.

Ows? sosyal na d i ang mga studyante karon? mineral ha. then my cel rang. msg? "maris pls dont drink tap water. rumor is the MIs are going to poison the whole city thru it. pls pas to the people u care." with matching tawag p para maaware daun daw ko. IC.

Ikaw? kaya nimung magtubig na lang bisag gutom na?

Buti na lang di na ako pobreng estudyante ng IIT. :)

the kandila issue
sumo! nakakita na ba ka ug pinkagagmayng kandila na ang price kay P5.00? ( = 1 serving rice) kesyo magbrown out daw kay bombahan sa mga MIs ang NPC. panic daun. pasakay daun ang mga tindahan. tsk tsk tsk...

god bless us... spare the innocents!
i was havng my last-minute internet tutorial with a friend. as i was about to leave, my friend asked me with all the innocence, "Te, kabalo ka sa email ad ni pres. bush?". curious. anyway i said, "its time to use the 'power' of the internet.". we were barely 3 minutes bfore her history class. "kadyot lang 'te ha." she looks really so innocent for me.

i was touched. i never intended to sneak-up but i couldnt hold back when i accidentally saw she really addressed it to the president. it goes..

dear mr president,

"what have you done to your people? you are selfish. just be sure that what you have been doing is for the common good of all of us people and not for yourself alone.

that's all. "

and yet, shes only a first year college student.


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